UNICORE Summit 2010

Scope and main topics

The UNICORE Summit is a unique opportunity for UNICORE users, developers, administrators, researchers, service providers and deciders to meet.

Participate to share your experience, present your own developments, present planned developments and get new ideas for interesting and prosperous collaborations.

The main topics of the UNICORE Summit 2010 were:

  • Experience and own developments
  • Future developments

Areas of interest include all UNICORE-related work; recent developments in all technological domains, experiences from end-users and administrators, interoperability use cases, security, integration with cloud and virtualization techniques, performance evaluation, new ideas and concepts, etc.

Schedule and presentation slides

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
G.-R. Hoffmann
UNICORE - How it all began
A. di Meglio
European Middleware Initiative
T. Kálmán, T. Rings
A UNICORE based Multi Site and Multi User Grid Environment for Demonstration, Education and Testing purposes
J. Jurkiewicz, P. Bała
UNICORE Desktop Grid
G. Fiameni, M. S. Memon, J. Jimenez, S. H. Leong
DEISA Development Environment - D2E (demo)
R. Grunzke, B. Schuller
Secure High-Throughput Computing Using UNICORE XML Spaces
A. Giesler, A. Streit, E. Ronchieri, M. Dibenedetto
Synergizing ETICS and UNICORE software (demo)
B. Hagemeier, R. Menday
HiLA 2.0 Evolutionary Improvements (demo)
W. Noor, B. Schuller
MMF: A Flexible Framework for Metadata Management in UNICORE
S. Holl, B. Demuth, A. Streit
Extended Execution Support for Scientific Applications in Grid Environments (demo)
S. Bergmann, B. Demuth, A. Streit
Tracing of messages in the UNICORE workflow system (demo)
H. Rasheed, A. Rumpl, W. Ziegler, H. Eickenbusch, B. Hagemeier, D. Mallmann
Running License Protected Application with SmartLM & UNICORE (demo)
P. Bała, K. Benedyczak, M. Lewandowski
Resource usage accounting for UNICORE
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Welcome day 2 & wrap-up day 1Presentation
M. Riedel, M.S. Memon, A.S. Memon, S. Holl, D.Mallmann, N. Lamla, A. Streit, Th. Lippert
The key role of the UNICORE Technology in European Distributed Computing Infrastructures supporting e-Science Applications in the Decades to Come
M. Rambadt, S. Bergmann, R. Breu, N. Lamla, M. Romberg
Experiences with UNICORE 6 in Production
J. M. Daivandy, B. Schuller, B. Demuth
UNICORE Runtime Administration
P. Bała, K. Benedyczak, M. Strzelecki
Monitoring of the UNICORE middleware (demo)
P. Bała, K. Benedyczak, S. van den Berghe, R. Menday, B. Schuller
UNICORE security stack

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