27 Sep 2023

UNICORE 9.3.0 released

Version 9.3.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers and the UNICORE Commandline Client are available for download from SourceForge.

You can now also download releases directly from GitHub:

Core Servers release 9.3.0  and Commandline Client(UCC) release 9.3.0

What’s new

  • Servers
    • New feature: all Java servers support runtime update of the main server credential
    • New feature: support for Let’s Encrypt in the Gateway, by allowing to serve files from a specified directory via plain HTTP
    • New feature: if no Partitions are defined in the IDB, add a “catch-all” definition that allows users to specify any partition,
      with no resource limit checks.
    • New standard resources “GPUS_PER_NODE” and “EXCLUSIVE”
  • Commandline client
    • Implement missing metadata ‘search’ and ‘start-extract’ sub-commands
    • Bug fixes
  • Updated third-party libs

17 Apr 2023

New versions of UFTP components available

Whats new

  • New feature: an initial implementation of server-to-server transfer is available
  • Improved data sharing feature
    • access shared files using the fast UFTP protocol (also anonymously)
    • show listing for a directory via HTTP
  • The UFTPD server now implements the SYNC feature allowing to sync a file between server and client. Only differences are transferred.
  • Bug fixes

22 Mar 2023

UNICORE 9.2.0 released

Version 9.2.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers and the UNICORE Commandline Client are available for download from SourceForge.


What’s new

  • NEW FEATURE: storages can send/receive files to/from non-UNICORE https servers
  • NEW FEATURE: /rest/core/token endpoint for creating an authentication token with configurable lifetime. The token can be limited to the issuing server, and can be made renewable, so a new token can be created using an existing one
  • Commandline client improvements
  • Updated third-party libs

22 Feb 2023

UNICORE 9.1.2 released

Version 9.1.2 of the UNICORE Core Servers are available for download from SourceForge.


What’s new

  • IMPORTANT BUG FIX: servers could (slowly) run out of memory, especially when using MySQL as database back-end.
  • Enhanced notification system with the possibility to get notifications on certain job status changes on the back-end (e.g. Slurm)

We recommend an update for all UNICORE 9.x installations.

14 Dec 2022

UNICORE 9.1.0 released

Version 9.1.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers and the UNICORE Commandline Client are available for download from SourceForge.


What’s new

  • NEW FEATURE: port forwarding / tunneling (read more)
  • IMPORTANT BUG FIX: some jobs were already launched without waiting for files from the client (despite job having ‘haveClientStageIn’: true) due to a JSON parser bug
  • Improvement: take requested login node into account also for pre/post processing
  • Updated third-party libs


17 Oct 2022

UCC 9.0.0 is available

The latest version 9.0.0 of the UNICORE Commandline Client is available for download from

Apart from support for the new features in UNICORE 9.0, such as (single-site) workflow support in every UNICORE/X and Slurm allocations, this release offers cleaner command-line options and a smaller download size. The documentation can be found on

Note that this release requires Java 11 or later!

30 Sep 2022

UNICORE Core servers 9.0.0 released

Version 9.0.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers is available for  download from SourceForge

We used this major release to remove a lot of “baggage”, update many of our third party dependencies and make UNICORE simpler to configure and manage. In terms of new features, every UNICORE/X server now comes with workflow processing capability for easily running single-site workflows. Furthermore, support for “interactive computing” via Slurm allocations has been added. Last not least, directly integrating UNICORE with a Keycloak OIDC server for user authentication is now possible.

Visit our new documentation pages at

What’s new

  • This release requires Java 11
  • Workflow processing feature in UNICORE/X (single site workflows)
  • Batch system allocation job support (Slurm only, via ‘salloc’)
  • Direct support for Keycloak OAuth server for user authentication
  • Support PostgreSQL as persistence back-end
  • Simplified and harmonized config files
  • Remove SOAP/XML endpoints
  • Bug fixes


11 Sep 2020

UNICORE Core Servers 8.0.4 released

Starting with this release, the UNICORE Core Servers include the the new and updated Workflow service. The Workflow service is now a single, easy-to-configure service, and it is fully REST/JSON based. It makes use of the new notification features in UNICORE/X and is much leaner and faster than before.

You can download Version 8.0.4 of the core servers from SourceForge

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