11 Sep 2020

UNICORE Core Servers 8.0.4 released

Starting with this release, the UNICORE Core Servers include the the new and updated Workflow service. The Workflow service is now a single, easy-to-configure service, and it is fully REST/JSON based. It makes use of the new notification features in UNICORE/X and is much leaner and faster than before.

You can download Version 8.0.4 of the core servers from SourceForge

20 Jan 2020

UNICORE Core Servers 8.0.0 released

To kick off 2020, we have a new major release of UNICORE. Version 8.0.0 of the core servers are available from SourceForge

What makes this a major release? First, it brings greatly simplified configuration files, removing “noise” from the config files and making it easier to configure the system. We removed several obsolete and/or unused features. Of course there are also a number of new features such as full RESTful delegation, job status change notification, a simpler and more flexible resource model, as well as many fixes. Detailed information is given in the change log.

7 Oct 2019

UFTP Client 1.0.0 released

The ‘uftp’ client is a convenient and flexible commandline tool for high-performance file transfers using UFTP services. Among many other features, the client allows to use multiple client threads for large files and has support for tar/zip archive data, resulting in high throughput in many usage scenarios. It offers username/password, SSH key and OIDC-based authentication.

The new relase 1.0.0 of the ‘uftp’ client is available as zip, rpm and deb packages from

16 Oct 2018

UNICORE Rich Client v7.4.0 released

With its new version 7.4.0 the UNICORE Rich Client has been upgraded to the latest Eclipse platform.
It now offers support for choosing logins and groups in the secrurity profiles and queues in the job resources.
Additionally, to avoid problems with different java versions, the URC now includes a java runtime.
Further details are given in the changelog.

8 Sep 2017

Portal 2.3.0 released

The Portal version 2.3.0 has been released. It offers new data manager functions, such as scheduling data transfers, multiple file uploads, and shortcuts for paths and enhanced features, such as resuming held workflows as well as using user defined idbs and applications. Further details are given in the change log.

20 Jun 2017


UNICORE is being presented at ISC’17 in Frankfurt, Germany ( Visit booth J-535 and learn about application integration, workflow support, data management, and the different clients and their features.

30 Nov 2016

Enhanced UNICORE File Transfer released

UFTPD 2.4.0, UFTP File Transfer Client 0.6.0, and Auth 1.3.0 have been released. They offer support for user’s Unix groups and new commands such as mkdir and rm. The cp command behaves more like the Unix ‘cp’ with wildcards, multifile copy, and preservation of modification times. A new blog post shows how to use UFTP with standard Unix tools. Detailed change logs are available at UFTPD changes, UFTP Client changes, and Auth changes.

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