Development cycles

Regular releases of UNICORE core components (core servers, workflow, ucc, Eclipse client) are performed at a schedule of approximately three months. For upcoming releases please see the roadmap at

Testing and release schedule

For core components, we adhere to the following release guidelines. An upcoming release is first announced on the developer’s mailing list. A release candidate is made available. For a period of five working days the release candidate can be tested, and bugs reported to the bug tracker. If no bugs are found, or the reported bugs are fixed the release is performed. To participate in (or simply monitor) this process, you need to subscribe to the unicore-devel mailing list.

Feed your Requirements into the UNICORE Development Process

If you want to contribute requirements for UNICORE into the development process then either  submit a feature ticket to one of the trackers at sourceforge: general Issues, URC Issues, Portal Issues, UFTP Issues, or Workflow Issues.

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