UNICORE Summit 2008

Scope and main topics

The goal of the UNICORE Summit is to bring together researchers and practitioners working with UNICORE in the areas of Grid and distributed computing, to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and latest research results on all aspects of UNICORE.

The main topics of the UNICORE Summit 2008 were:

  • High-performance scientific and engineering Grid applications
  • End user experiences
  • Service-oriented designs adopting Grid and Web standards
  • Grid scheduling, resource management, and brokering
  • Theoretical models and algorithms
  • Reliability, fault-tolerance, and autonomy
  • Interoperability
  • Security
  • Performance evaluation
  • Architecture extensions and new components
  • Scientific and economic scenarios
  • Business models and service provisioning
  • Tools and environments for development, deployment, and configuration

Schedule and presentation slides

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Achim Streit, Wolfgang Ziegler
Emilio Benfenati
Grid-Approaches for Industrial Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications
Bernd Schuller, Miriam Schumacher
Space-based approach to high-throughput computations in UNICORE 6 Grids
Katharina Rasch, Robert Schöne, Vitaliy Ostropytskyy, Hartmut Mix, Mathilde Romberg
The Chemomentum Data Services - A flexible Solution for Data Handling in UNICORE
Thomas Oistrez, Egon Grünter, Markus Meier, Ralph Niederberger
A Reliable and Fast Data Transfer for Grid Systems Using a Dynamic Fire Wall Configuration
Stefan Gudenkauf, Wilhelm Hasselbring, Andre Höing, Guido Scherp, Odej Kao
Workflow Service Extensions for UNICORE 6 - Utilising a Standard WS-BPEL Engine for Grid Service Orchestration
Fredrik Hedman, Morris Riedel, Philip Mucci, Gilbert Netzer, Ali Gholami, M. Shahbaz Memon, A. Shiraz Memon, Zeeshan A. Shah
Benchmarking of integrated OGSA-BES with the Grid middleware

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