UNICORE Core servers 9.0.0 released

Version 9.0.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers is available for  download from SourceForge https://sourceforge.net/projects/unicore/files/Servers/Core/9.0.0.

We used this major release to remove a lot of “baggage”, update many of our third party dependencies and make UNICORE simpler to configure and manage. In terms of new features, every UNICORE/X server now comes with workflow processing capability for easily running single-site workflows. Furthermore, support for “interactive computing” via Slurm allocations has been added. Last not least, directly integrating UNICORE with a Keycloak OIDC server for user authentication is now possible.

Visit our new documentation pages at https://unicore-docs.readthedocs.io

What’s new

  • This release requires Java 11
  • Workflow processing feature in UNICORE/X (single site workflows)
  • Batch system allocation job support (Slurm only, via ‘salloc’)
  • Direct support for Keycloak OAuth server for user authentication
  • Support PostgreSQL as persistence back-end
  • Simplified and harmonized config files
  • Remove SOAP/XML endpoints
  • Bug fixes


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