UNICORE 9.3.0 released

Version 9.3.0 of the UNICORE Core Servers and the UNICORE Commandline Client are available for download from SourceForge.

You can now also download releases directly from GitHub:

Core Servers release 9.3.0  and Commandline Client(UCC) release 9.3.0

What’s new

  • Servers
    • New feature: all Java servers support runtime update of the main server credential
    • New feature: support for Let’s Encrypt in the Gateway, by allowing to serve files from a specified directory via plain HTTP
    • New feature: if no Partitions are defined in the IDB, add a “catch-all” definition that allows users to specify any partition,
      with no resource limit checks.
    • New standard resources “GPUS_PER_NODE” and “EXCLUSIVE”
  • Commandline client
    • Implement missing metadata ‘search’ and ‘start-extract’ sub-commands
    • Bug fixes
  • Updated third-party libs

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