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UNICORE Summit 2007
Accepted Papers


The UNICORE Summit 2007 proceedings will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. The following papers have been accepted:

K. Benedyczak, A. Nowinski, and P. Bala, Flexible streaming infrastructure for Unicore

B. Schuller, B. Demuth, H. Mix, K. Rasch, M. Romberg, S. Sild, U. Maran, P. Bala, E. del Grosso, M. Casalegno, N. Piclin, M. Pintore, W. Sudholt, K. Baldrige, Chemomentum - UNICORE 6 based infrastructure for complex applications in science and technology

L. Clementi, C. Cacciari, M. Melato, R. Menday, B. Hagemeier, A Business-Oriented Grid Workflow Management System

R. Menday, B. Hagemeier, UNICORE/w3

P. Alexius, B. M. Elahi, F. Hedman, P. Mucci, G. Netzer, Z. A. Shah, A Black-Box Approach to Performance Analysis of Grid Middleware

A. Faroughi, R. Faroughi, P. Wieder, W. Ziegler, Attributes and VOs: Extending the UNICORE authorisation capabilities

K. Stamou, F. Hedman, A. Iliopoulos, Extending UNICORE 5 Authentication Model by Supporting Proxy Certificate Profile Extensions

V. Venturi, M. Riedel, S. Memon, S. Memon, F. Stagni, B. Schuller, D. Mallmann, B. Tweddell, A. Gianoli, V. Ciaschini, S. van de Berghe, D. Snelling, A. Streit, Using SAML-based VOMS for Authorization within Web Services-based UNICORE Grids


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