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Grid day at JSC booth at SC 2009


Date and location

On Tuesday, November 17, 2009
the JSC booth (booth 2255) at SC 2009 in Portland, Oregon, offers an afternoon with Grid related presentations and demonstrations: .


14:00 Michael Rambadt (FZJ)
UNICORE: The intuitive access to (Super)computing ressources
14:15 Sergi Girona (BSC) / Johannes Reetz (RZG)
DEISA: Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications
14:30 Florian Berberich (FZJ)
PRACE: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe
14:45 Andreas Schreiber (DLR)
Aero-Grid: A Grid Infrastructure for aeronatical science
15:00 Peter Stefan (NIIF/HUNGARNET)
Grid Interoperation Now with Standards: Using the High Performance Computing Basic Profile for e-science
15:15 Marcin Plociennik (PSNC)
Grid Interoperation Now in EUFORIA: Using EGEE and DEISA for Fusion Science
15:30 Marcin Plociennik (PSNC)
Demonstration of EUFORIA using Kepler and UNICORE/gLite

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