The UNICORE Forum e.V. is an organizational member of the Open Grid Forum (OGF).

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Forschungszentrum Jülich is a member of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).


UNICORE is part of the European Middleware Initiative.

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UNICORE 5 is the well-tested, production-ready and pre-Web Services version of the UNICORE Grid middleware.



Download Quickstart-Bundle
This package contains a complete UNICORE 5 server installation, including Gateway, Network Job Supervisor, and Target System Interface pre-configured to run on a single Unix/Linux-like machine. You can use it as a basis for easily creating your customised installations.
Download Live CD
This Live CD boots a Linux System with all the UNICORE components already installed. You don't need to install anything on your computer. Just burn the ISO-Image to a CD-ROM, reboot your computer and explore UNICORE 5. The password for the keystore of the UNICORE client is "unicore".


Download Client
UNICORE's client-side entry point providing a graphical interface to a UNICORE Grid.
Download Gateway
The Gateway is the single entry point for all UNICORE connections into the Usite.
Download Network Job Supervisor
The Network Job Supervisor (NJS) manages all jobs submitted to a UNICORE Vsite. The NJS package contains UNICORE's information service, the Incarnation Database (IDB).
Download UUDB
This is the standard implementation of the UNICORE User Database, which authorises the users to access the NJS.
Download TSI
The Target System Interface accepts incarnated job components from the NJS and passes them to the local resource management system for execution.
Download AJO
The Abstract Job Object class libary provides the foundation for job and workflow modeling and for the protocol between UNICORE clients and servers.

Client Plugins

The Client's plugin concept provides the means to integrate applications into a UNICORE Grid without source code modifications to the application. A large variety of plugins is already available.

Download SSH Plugin
The UNICORE Secure Shell Plugin allows the creation of an SSH connection directly to a UNICORE virtual site, while single sign-on remains at the client. This is very useful, when the UNICORE user computes data on several computing resources inside the Grid and wants to have a closer look or to work remotely on the produced results.
Download Interactive Access
The interactive access functionality is a tool that enables the user to retrieve information from the target site that would otherwise not be available through other channels (for example, the manual pages for a software package).
Download IADemo
IADemo stands for Interactive Access Demo. It was written as a demonstration of the interactive capabilities of the UNICORE Grid platform.
Download List All Jobs
The LAJ (List All Jobs) plugin was designed in order to help UNICORE client users keeping track of all their jobs split across multiple UNICORE sites. Of course it can be done in the through refreshing all Vsites in the Job Monitoring area of the client. With this plugin a list of all, still executing jobs is generated and their status is regularly queried.
Download Plugin Loader
The Plugin Loader plugin is used to download other plugins from the NJS. It is useful as a lot of sophisticated plugins need the NJS to be configured properly. With this plugin the NJS can provide all plugins that will work with it.

Further Downloads

Download UNICORE Config Utility
The Config Utility is very useful for setting up all UNICORE server-side components.
Download Arcon Client Library
The Arcon Java Client Library provides the means to integrate UNICORE client services in portals, applications, etc.
Download UniGrids ARFT

UNICORE's internal transfer mechanism (UPL) is based on java streams, and it’s not suitable for transfers of large amounts of data.

The UNICORE architecture has been extended to use different file transfer mechanisms as an alternative to UPL. This plugin uses an alternative file transfer (AFT) mechanism based on Globus® 4.0 RFT (Alternative Reliable File Transfer - ARFT) with data compression and decompression capabilities.

DEISA Services for Heterogeneous management Layer
The DEISA Services for Heterogeneous management Layer (DESHL) provides functionality for submission and management of computational jobs within a heterogeneous enviroment. DESHL also provides data staging facilities to allow data to be moved to suitable locations in preparation for computational jobs to be run and for data retrieval on completion of a job. Please visit http://deisa-jra7.forge.nesc.ac.uk/ for more information and software downloads.
The UNICORE Broker is maintained as a separate project, please visit http://uombroker.sourceforge.net
Download SIMON
SIMON is an automatic monitoring tool for UNICORE. It allows to specify tests and run them automatically in regular intervals against specified sites. In case of failure it is able to send a test report to specified email-addresses. This tool is highly configurable and can be easily extended to the sites particular requirements. Currently, SIMON is available for UNICORE 5, but will be extended to UNICORE 6 in the future.

UNICORE at SourceForge

UNICORE Project page

The UNICORE Project page offers you the entry point to all features SourceForge provides for hosted projects.

CVS page

You want to get the latest development version of the UNICORE 5 source code? Then check the CVS page out.

Page URL: http://www.unicore.eu/download/unicore5